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Which is the best Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Below are interactive graphics that display the average max CP of each Pokemon by trainer level. The first graph is of only the top Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The final graph shows all Pokemon and the following graphs are grouped by type.

  • If you want to know which Pokemon a line represents, place your mouse on the line and the information will be displayed. 
  • To remove lines from the plot click the Pokemon's name in the legend.
  • To see a graph in greater detail, click and drag over the region you wish to observe. 
Note: The graphics look better on desktop.

Top Pokemon
Best Pokemon:
1. Mewtwo 
2. Dragonite 
3. Mew 
4. Moltres 
5. Zapdos 
6. Snorlax 
7. Arcanine 
8. Lapras 
9. Articuno 
10. Exeggutor 
11. Vaporeon 
12. Gyarados 
13. Flareon 
14. Muk 
15. Charizard 

Top Pokemon Currently Available In-Game 
1. Dragonite 
2. Snorlax 
3. Arcanine 
4. Lapras 
5. Exeggutor 
6. Vaporeon 
7. Gyarados 
8. Flareon 
9. Muk 
10. Charizard 

Some interesting notes, Blastoise and Venusaur both are not in the top pokemon; this is surprising for many who played the Gameboy Games because the starter pokemon were always some of the most powerful. Also, Dragonite and Charizard are the only top 10 pokemon who have three evolution forms. All others are two evolutions besides, Snorlax and Lapras.

After trainer level 30 the CP limit for each Pokemon grows at a slower rate than previous levels.

All Pokemon
Magikarp is all the way at the bottom and by far the worst Pokemon in Pokemon GO.

By Type 

The data for the above plots comes from In the following weeks, Hallway Mathlete will post a web-scraping tutorial showing how the data was gathered.

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